The Return of Mary Poppins

Advertising campaign

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Mary Poppins returns to the screen after 20 years, a long-awaited return for the faithful.

"The Return of Mary Poppins" will be a bit different from the original musical. Blunt picks up the baton from Julie Andrews in this sequel.



Find a creative concept to work on centered on the Mary Poppins character with the objective of sponsoring the film and capturing not only the traditional audience, but also a new audience.



We proposed a creative concept in which she is looking for a home to change the life of a family (offer by Mary Poppins herself). To make this offer of her services, Mary Poppins left posters in the city with her phone number so that families who needed it, in addition, she also communicated it through RRSS and radio spot announced by Mary Poppins herself.