Unikornio Tour - Pablo López

Pablo Lopez's Unikornio album is released.

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Pablo López launches his new album Unikornio as the beginning of a new musical stage.



Pablo López wanted to reflect in this last album the end of a darker stage and the beginning of a happier and more vital stage.



It was proposed that 200 unique units of the new album, numbered and signed by the artist, would contain the ashes of his previous musical stage. His latest album wants to reflect in this way the end of a darker stage and the beginning of a more joyful and vital one. This is how the idea of burning his piano during the journey of his last videoclip, La Niña de la Linterna, whose production has also been taken care of by the agency, was born, to later collect the ashes and give life with them to the artist's last work. A unique product and an unforgettable promotional content both in RRSS and as an excuse for PR.