Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle III premiere promotion

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On June 20, 2019, the third installment of the Annabelle saga was released in cinemas in Spain.



Promote the release of Annabelle III, reactivating interest in the saga among fans and non-fans alike.



On the occasion of the new installment of the Annabelle saga, we decided to bring the real doll of the film to our country and launch a challenge to all those brave enough to dare: stay one night with the possessed doll in their own home.

The challenge was focused on humor through different pieces of content for social networks, from the testimonies of alleged neighbors of the Warren couple who lived for years and closely the Annabelle case, to a video of the transfer of the doll from Connecticut, USA, under the supervision of an American professor who has spent years studying the case and a priest specializing in exorcisms who guard it day and night.

In a second phase, 2 more digital content spots were launched, summaries of the events for press and influencers, and the brave winner of the challenge was announced, who spent a night with the terrifying guest in her own home.