No two without three. Third consecutive year in the ranking and second in the top 10.

We are in luck, according to the ranking of El Publicista, we are very TOP. This ranking measures the best actors of the Spanish advertising scene every year. With more than 10 years of antiquity, this list is based on the prizes, awards and recognitions received during the last year. At Peanuts & Monkeys, this is the third consecutive year that we appear in this ranking, but we have been appearing in the TOP 10 for two years now.

In addition, we are 3rd in the top 5 best indie agencies. And it makes us especially excited, because indie agencies, as we all know, have a harder time to stand out. We don't have an international network to back us up, but we have some brutal clients, who get involved with us in each of the ideas we carry out and this trust helps us to be who we are, an independent agency with a lot of enthusiasm.

Within this ranking, we have also excelled in other disciplines, reaching the top 10 in audiovisual, outdoor, branded content in digital and mobile. Because with this we can say that we stand out, and very much so, in everything we do.

But, ladies and gentlemen, we are number 1 in radio. The number 1 in one of the media we like the most, in which we focus all our creativity in only one sense, the ear. We love to make ourselves heard and this is the proof of it.

Thank you very much to El Publicista, for having us in consideration for another year. Thanks to our great internal team, pride is not enough. And to you, our clients, as we said earlier in this article, thank you for trusting us, thank you for letting us fly and thank you for making us great.

Monkeys ready for the next one. GO!