Peanuts&Monkeys plugs into freedom with EcoFlow

Evolutionary agency develops conversion campaign for end-users

EcoFlow offers clean and reliable energy solutions for both home and outdoor activities. Its various product lines include portable power stations and solar panels.

After a successful awareness phase, EcoFlow has once again relied on Peanuts&Monkeys to launch a second social media campaign through Instagram and Facebook, as well as on search engines through Google Ads. 

Under the concept "Plug yourself to freedom", the strategy was based on highlighting the multiple advantages of the different lines of generators and solar panels, taking advantage of current topics. "Sustainable energy is a trend, but if we also merge it with teleworking, the rising cost of energy or the desire to travel after the pandemic, we will connect with people. These are things that we all identify with today." supports Joaquín Cobos, General Manager of Peanuts&Monkeys.