What services do we offer in this jungle of creativity?

From the deep exploration and knowledge of your brand, we create big ideas that range from the ideation and production of impactful content, to surprising advertising campaigns that defy convention, to the management of the digital presence of brands in an always on ecosystem. Every service we offer is imbued with our evolutionary essence and the spirit of 2%.

At Peanuts&Monkeys, our creative jungle is full of services from conceptualization to implementation, we are here to offer you innovative and effective solutions that will drive your brand's success.

Deep Creative Exploration

 Dive with us on an adventure of discovery as we explore the farthest corners of your brand. We use advanced research techniques and market analysis to gain a deep understanding of your audience, your competition and your brand identity, unearthing fresh ideas and unique insights that will serve as the foundation of our creative strategies.

Development of Adaptive Strategies

In a world where the advertising landscape is constantly changing, it is crucial to have a strategy that can adapt and evolve with the environment. From positioning strategy to media planning, we create customized strategies that fit your brand's specific needs and adapt as circumstances change.

Production of notorious content

Our audiovisual production team, graphic designers and visual artists are here to bring your brand to life through captivating visual content. From breathtaking videos to stunning graphics, we create visual assets that tell stories and capture the imagination of your audience, in both conventional and digital media.

Surprising Advertising Campaigns

Our ideas are designed to stand out, defying convention and taking your message to new heights. From social media campaigns to live brand activations, we're here to make your brand stand out in a highly competitive environment.

Immersive Brand Experiences

We connect brands with their audiences, generating high engagement. In a world saturated with brand messages, it is crucial to create experiences that resonate with your audience on a deeper level. From live events to interactive digital experiences, or relevant content, we create memorable moments that generate emotional connections and strengthen visibility and loyalty to your brand.

Analytics and Continuous Optimization

Our focus is on results; we use real-time data and analytics to evaluate the performance of our campaigns and optimize our strategies accordingly. From conversion tracking to data analysis, we are constantly refining our tactics to ensure effective results and solid ROI.

At Peanuts&Monkeys, we not only offer standard services, but we also provide a unique and transformative creative experience that takes your brand to new horizons.


Get ready to explore the creative jungle with us!